2017 MBA Essay Tips: Stanford Graduate School of Business

This superficially straightforward question has been Stanford’s first for at least the last sixteen years, and it is actually one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult MBA essay questions to answer. Superficial responses will fail. The prompt demands introspection. Before you put finger to keyboard or pen to paper, really reflect on what you value, how you have … Continue reading

Already Have a High ACT Score? How to Improve Even More | NerdyMates Blog

If you find yourself making careless mistakes on math problems, it can be helpful to underline or circle the value that you’ll need to solve for in the question. This way, you can avoid solving for the wrong value or only solving the problem halfway. If you get too wrapped up in your calculations, you might forget what you were … Continue reading

Advice For Indian Applicants To U.S. Business Schools

2. Highlight Your Non-IT Strengths. If you don’t work for your family company, then there’s a good chance that you work in India’s booming high-tech industry. And if that’s you, then you probably have high quant scores and loads of technical experience. But do you have management experience? Have you ever managed a team successfully to complete a non-technical project? How … Continue reading

apps for spying on iphone

Although society is packed with dangers and bad factors for our young boys and girls, we could not necessarily be there to protect them-up to now. With Mobistealth system Software program, you could record their routines in real time and keep an eye on all communication together with messages, images, video lessons, and surfing around past. With rates setting up … Continue reading