2013 Med School Applicants: Great Tips for You!

  • Develop a relationship with faculty members and supervisors who can provide letters of recommendation.  You will want people who know you well to write your recommendations. Nurture relationships with TAs, lab supervisors, research sponsors (who work closely with you) for their intrinsic value, and you will also have strong recommendations.
  • Have you just begun the medical school application process? Find answers to your questions on our Medical School Admissions 101 pages!

  • Continue or begin clinical exposure.  If you are going to be a doctor, you need to have experienced the hospital environment – working under pressure, dealing with sick people, responding to family members, and interacting with tired and even more pressured colleagues.
  • Sign up ASAP for an MCAT course so that you are fully prepared to take the test early. Ideally you want to ace it no later than the April 28th administration because then your scores should be released by May 30, 2012. See 2012 MCAT Registration Deadline and Score Release Schedule.
  • By Linda Abraham, Founder and President of Accepted.com.

    1. Clarify what’s important to you in a medical school. Are you primarily interested in primary care? Or do you find research attractive? Do you prefer an urban, suburban, or rural setting? Which approach to medical education appeals to you, and why? Yes, I know that you will be happy to go where you get in, but you really can’t apply to every school in the country.  Once you have determined what would be your ideal, then consider if those schools are feasible. For example, cost is frequently a constraint, or if you aren’t competitive at every medical school, then your qualifications are a constraint. While it’s easy to apply to more rather than fewer schools through AMCAS, it could get pretty expensive. Choose based on what’s important to you. You’ll save time and money.
    2. Do you want to be in medical school in Fall 2013? Then resolve to:

      I started homework-writer.com thinking maybe I didn’t want to go back, she recalls

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